Best Mircrowave of 2018

Danby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave

Why we chose this item:

  1. Mostly used in many homes with a good number of satisfied customers
  2. Stylish design complements kitchen ambiance
  3. Capable of working on 700 watts with simple one-touch control


It’s not that easy to find cheap microwave ovens that will suit your eating and cooking habits, and most especially your kitchen type. You also need to look at reliability and appearance of the appliance as additional factors to worry about even if you are on a budget.

best microwave under 100

Best Microwaves Under $100

7. Oster OGB5902 0.9-Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

This black 900-watt wonder has 10 adjustable power levels and able to cook and defrost fast to keep up with your busy schedule. It features 5-auto one-touch menu settings you can use for cooking popcorn, potato, pizza, and has reheating and thawing capabilities.

It has a digital timer and clock to remind you of cooking time and a removable glass turntable packed in a sensibly-sized body. This dishwasher safe oven offers a 0.9 cu ft space, weighs around 32 lbs and cooks in a breeze. The weight guarantees durability while it does not mean it takes a huge effort to move it to another location.

6. Danby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave

This countertop microwave dons a black body in durable stainless steel exterior material. It uses a 700-watt power to cook food, snacks, and beverages among others and has a space capacity of 0.7 cu ft. This oven has 10 power levels and features a one-touch cooking with 6 cooking functions.

This small kitchen appliance makes it seem that you are using a large one with its functionalities. It is built with a door handle, easy to clean glass turntable, and easy and worry-free programming that makes it easy even for kids to use. There is no need to wait long to heat your meals too.

5. Westinghouse WCM660B 600


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